Smart Lenders Asset Management positions itself as a trusted institutional partner to provide a secured and sophisticated access to online marketplace lending investments.

Smart Lenders Asset Management SAS is a Paris based asset manager authorised and regulated by the AMF, focusing exclusively on portfolio of loans issued through online lending platforms.

We are a data driven company which focuses on the prime segment of the credit curve, currently in the United States, actively studying the new online marketplaces in order to find value and diversification. For a matter of clarification, the portfolios that we manage invest only in loans issued through lending marketplaces and not in the equity of such platforms or other ventures.


Smart Lenders Asset Management has a data-driven investment strategy.

We believe that lending is about avoiding defaults; in the consumer credit market, new technologies enable to gather big data. Data is thus used for statistical analysis, for loan selection optimization and for portfolio management.

Forward Thinking


Achieve a high yielding short term investment with a good risk/reward.

Provide an asset performance linked to the economic cycle, but remote from short term financial markets volatility.

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