About us

January 2013
First private investments

First investments on Lending Club Loans with Proprietary Funds

September 2014
Start of the activity

Smart Lenders Asset Management is launched

February 2015
Full-scope UK AIFM

Smart Lenders Asset Management becomes AIFM Full Scope

March 2015
Launch of Profit Participating Note programme

Investment through the first compartment of Direct Lending investment SA (DL1). Issuance of Profit Participating Notes (PPN) invested in portfolios of consumer loans.

July 2016
Launch of the Luxembourg SICAV

Launch of the AIF, Moonstone Lending Fund 1

June 2017
First investments in Small Business Loans

The SICAV starts investment in US Small Business Loans through a first platform specialised in Merchant Cash Advance

January 2018
Smart Lenders Asset Management transfers activities to France

Smart Lenders Asset Management SAS, regulated by the AMF, becomes the new AIFM of the Moonstone Lending SICAV

June 2018
Launch of Research Programme on Artificial Intelligence

Joint research programme with Credit.fr (now October) on the applications of Artificial Intelligence to credit scoring and risk evaluation.

March 2019
First investments on European lending platforms

Smart lenders accelerates its development and makes its first investments on European lending platforms

May 2019
French status of Young Innovative Company

Smart Lenders AM obtained the French “Young Innovative Company” (Jeune Entreprise Innovante) status for its research in artificial intelligence in the context of SME lending

March 2020
Smart Lenders AM supports UNGC’s ten principles

Smart Lenders AM becomes a signatory participant of the United Nations Global Compact and drafts its ESG Charter

September 2020
Smart Lenders AM receives equity investment from Matmut

Historical investor in our flagship fund, Matmut takes a 5% stake in Smart Lenders AM.

June 2021
Smart Lenders AM passes $1 billion mark lent

This milestone includes $900mn of consumer loans and $100mn to SMB loans

July 2021
The Moonstone Lending SIF SICAV celebrates its fifth anniversary

Smart Lenders AM celebrates the fifth anniversary of its Moonstone Lending SIF SICAV

February 2022
Smart Lenders AM launches a new fund

Smart Lenders announces the launch of The Lending Smart Fund 1, a new fund dedicated to new European financing platforms

March 2022
Smart Lenders AM obtains its credit granting authorization

Smart Lenders receives credit granting authorization from the AMF

October 2022
Smart Lenders qualifies its funds as Article 8 under SFDR

Smart Lenders qualifies its funds as Article 8 under SFDR


Achieve a high yielding short term investment with a competitive risk/reward.

Provide an asset performance linked to the economic cycle, but remote from short term financial markets volatility.


Smart Lenders AM uses a clear, straightforward and data-driven investment strategy.
Our sourcing and selection process is designed to create and maintain partnerships with a few high-quality online platforms that are selected after an in-depth operational and quantitative due diligence.
Smart Lenders AM partnership is part of a long-term approach and includes several investment strategies that have been used for the last 7 years.
We have studied more than 200 marketplace lending platforms spread across US and Europe and actively studying the new online marketplaces in order to find value and diversification.
Our portfolios are highly diversified across individual loans to ensure an optimal spreading of risk across risk factors and a direct exposure to consumer and small business loans dynamics.
Smart Lenders AM invests in R&D to continuously improve its in-house credit scoring models.
It is important to underline that we have a buy and hold investment approach. As there is currently no established secondary market for these loans, investments are held until maturity of the underlying loans, collecting the cash flows throughout the duration of the loans.